I Finished My Camera Manual Celebration.

“Is this the thing to do?” Adam asked me when I told him to take a picture of me and my camera manual. “It is for me.” I told him. He puzzlingly took the photo but was happy to…as usual ;-).

I took this picture to mark the day I finished the camera manual. It may sound silly, but it was quite a feat. I would distastefully stare at the book sitting on my brown coffee table in the corner of the family room because I wanted to get to the fun stuff…you know taking pictures…I didn’t want to have to read how to do it. Oh the folly.

Nonetheless, I learned how to use my camera, and am taking better photos because of it. Now, I will have to review, and…watch youtube videos to feed my need for visual instruction, but I have a foundation now…and I am…well relieved.

And I told Adam we had to go out to dinner to celebrate a long time ago. Victorian Corner made for a lovely Italian dinner date.



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