What Success Really Looks Like.

I saw this post on Jasmine Star’s blog, and recently I saw someone post it on Facebook. Well soon after I ran into one of those little squiggly areas and realized yes. Confirmed. This diagram is indeed TRUE. I think so many times I have been running along that straight line, especially in the beginning of projects, and I run into a turn that disrupts my dream of making it to the arrow. But I’m realizing the key is to keep going. I recently read “The Most Important Lessons in Life” by Rachel Chandler. The book is composed of letters from successful people, and almost every single letter talks about perseverance, and never giving up. They all faced turns and scribbles, loops and jumbled direction. But they kept their eyes ahead and got through their mistakes and detours. I have vowed to do the same, and encourage anyone who has a goal or dream in mind to do so too!

Yes this indeed is what success looks like.



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