Lightbulb #2-White Reflectors

I never knew…I always thought of reflectors having to be gold or silver and I didn’t think anything about the white until about a month ago. Now I have fallen in love with playing around with the softness that white reflectors create. They can come from a white wall, a white t-shirt that you or someone with you is wearing. You can also use an official white reflector, like a 5 in 1, or a piece of white foam board.

A friend who is in the film industry recently told me that motion pictures will sometimes have miles of white reflectors so the actors look their best on screen. I also came across a behind the scenes photo of the red carpet…and what’s there? Strips of white reflectors and lights! Hm who knew! No wonder they always look so flawless.

If you haven’t before have fun playing around with the magic that white brings!

See below their flawless skin, and the white catch lights in the eyes? Oh yea…

Red Carpet-Find the white reflectors!

Grease 8 Years Later.

I graduated high school 8 years ago. Wait let me say that again. I graduated high school…8…years…ago. WHAT!!??

We managed to get a group of cast members together from the 2004 Foothill/Amador high school production of Grease. We went to the show 8 years later at the same theatre, with the same directors, and even some of the same costumes were worn. We kept whispering to our neighbors, while sitting in our warn in velvet seats waiting for the lights to dim and the orchestra to begin playing, “we didn’t look that young”, and “how old do we feel now that they’re already doing the show again!?” It was a trip, but an all around unforgettable night with old friends, who had a complete blast together creating a show that will forever be a part of us!


The Fix and a New Friend.

Part 1: The Fix.

My grandmother always gave me compliments and encouraged me along the way and I appreciated her for it. She would often say “Did so and so compliment you” or “How many people told you what a good job you did on x.” Sometimes I would tell her no one and then she would tell me “well they probably thought it but they didn’t say it, that happens with people sometimes. You did an amazing job and I love you.”

I went to photographer Jasmine Star’s “The Fix” on Monday March 19th and the words that she boldly & passionately shared have been swimming in my mind for the past day. I am finally able to analize how they have impacted me. I think more than The Fix causing me to fall even deeper in love with photography I think I am more excited and hungry for the kind of business I now have permission to have. Jasmine gave me permission to be the business person I have always wanted to be because I had wished on my 25 birthday candles last year that it could be like that, and she told me my wish came true.

Sitting at the fix (and while reading her magazine Exposed after the event) I learned that my career could be about passion, dreaming, happiness and this could all be done by coming together as a community to help each other, to genuinely care for one another, and to give a standing ovation like a mother cheering for her son on the sidelines of a football stadium when one of our peers experience success.

I know that in reality there will be mistakes, I will come into contact with not so pleasant situations…again, but  for now I think I’ll bask in my sanctuary of ponies and polly pocket with the words of Jasmine Star ringing in my ear, pushing me onward with my photography business. And Grandma, Yuliya complimented me and Sharron said I did a good job. ;-)

Part 2: A Friend.

I met Yuliya on the photography forum the [b]school and we instantly connected because of a couple things we had in common and a we knew 2 of the same people. Before The Fix we met for dinner, and because of the beauty of blogs I already felt like I knew her. So we were non stop chatting away. We sat next to each other as friends at The Fix and would glance at each other and laugh when Jasmine would say the witty and charming things that she says like…every other sentence. I was thankful that Jasmine had created this community and blessed to have found a friend in the industry who is kind and caring. I also felt honored that Yuliya taught me a few tips she has up her sleeve because she is VERY talented and is seasoned in the wedding photography business. I would have had a different experience without her, and I am excited to offer any help I can to her.

Thanks Jasmine for an amazing evening at The Fix, and for the community that you have created!

I think I just kept saying “thank you” at this moment.

Yuliya & Jasmine.

I Finished My Camera Manual Celebration.

“Is this the thing to do?” Adam asked me when I told him to take a picture of me and my camera manual. “It is for me.” I told him. He puzzlingly took the photo but was happy to…as usual ;-).

I took this picture to mark the day I finished the camera manual. It may sound silly, but it was quite a feat. I would distastefully stare at the book sitting on my brown coffee table in the corner of the family room because I wanted to get to the fun stuff…you know taking pictures…I didn’t want to have to read how to do it. Oh the folly.

Nonetheless, I learned how to use my camera, and am taking better photos because of it. Now, I will have to review, and…watch youtube videos to feed my need for visual instruction, but I have a foundation now…and I am…well relieved.

And I told Adam we had to go out to dinner to celebrate a long time ago. Victorian Corner made for a lovely Italian dinner date.

What Success Really Looks Like.

I saw this post on Jasmine Star’s blog, and recently I saw someone post it on Facebook. Well soon after I ran into one of those little squiggly areas and realized yes. Confirmed. This diagram is indeed TRUE. I think so many times I have been running along that straight line, especially in the beginning of projects, and I run into a turn that disrupts my dream of making it to the arrow. But I’m realizing the key is to keep going. I recently read “The Most Important Lessons in Life” by Rachel Chandler. The book is composed of letters from successful people, and almost every single letter talks about perseverance, and never giving up. They all faced turns and scribbles, loops and jumbled direction. But they kept their eyes ahead and got through their mistakes and detours. I have vowed to do the same, and encourage anyone who has a goal or dream in mind to do so too!

Yes this indeed is what success looks like.