My Mom. A Classic Beauty.

My Grandmother has a photo of herself that she had taken by a local photographer and family friend. She had it taken in the 60s when they only had black and white photos. They would tint the photos, meaning they would paint over the photos so it could bring color to the photograph. It was their way of photoshopping ;-). My Mom and I were having a conversation about my Grandmothers picture one day and we brought up the fact that besides teachers and students, portraits aren’t really taken these days of 1 person. So I had an idea to take a portrait of my Mom that my family could have forever. We don’t have any portraits of her besides photos from high school. My vision was to replicate the photo of my Grandma but still have my Mom shining through. To have a traditional looking portrait of her, simple but also “tinted” like my Grandmothers.

I love this photo of my Mom and I will treasure it forever. She is a true woman of beauty. She represent kindness and consideration. Hard work and sacrifice. Beauty inside and out. My Mom is a friend but also someone I seek out council from. She guides me but never judges,  wants the best for me but never compares. I hope to someday be a fraction of the mother she was and is to me.

Beautiful Mom.

Lovely Grandma in the 60s.


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