Creative Live & Jasmine Star.

I have the opportunity to submit a video for a chance to see Jasmine Star, one of my favorite photographers, speak in Seattle from April 27-29. She is teaming up with Creative Live, an online “worldwide” classroom. If you are a photographer, I highly suggest you check both of them out, they are incredible!

Why Haven’t we Been Recording More Videos?

Adam and I have been recording more videos of us singing and playing music like we love to do and I find myself wondering why don’t we do it more often? Adam’s Dad said a while back “it’s so cool that you are doing these videos, you’re documenting your early married years!” His statement totally resonated with me, and now i’m thinking it wouldn’t make sense not too.¬†Here’s our later cover of Natasha Bedingfield’s “These Words”.

I Died and Went to Breakfast Heaven.

Those who know me well know that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and also a meal I could eat for all three meals. There’s something about an over medium egg that makes me light up when it oozes through the valleys of home style potatoes. The different options of drink alone make it a treat with the varieties like orange juice, water with lemon, coffee, tea, milk, latte, you name it breakfast can serve it to you. Then there are the sweet treats-it’s the only meal where you get to basically have desert as a meal. After saying that statement I now realize why the first meal of the day is my favorite. When we stayed at our hotel for Valentine’s Day I had the breakfast of my life. No joke. I think I even posed the question “Am I in heaven?”

A Spanish Bay.

For Valentine’s Day we were blessed with the opportunity to stay at a historical and world renown resort in Pebble Beach CA because of my husband’s job. I have always know my husband is very charming and amazingly good looking, but I was reminded this Valentine’s Day. I think I may secretly start a portfolio for him and act as his manager.

My Mom. A Classic Beauty.

My Grandmother has a photo of herself that she had taken by a local photographer and family friend. She had it taken in the 60s when they only had black and white photos. They would tint the photos, meaning they would paint over the photos so it could bring color to the photograph. It was their way of photoshopping ;-). My Mom and I were having a conversation about my Grandmothers picture one day and we brought up the fact that besides teachers and students, portraits aren’t really taken these days of 1 person. So I had an idea to take a portrait of my Mom that my family could have forever. We don’t have any portraits of her besides photos from high school. My vision was to replicate the photo of my Grandma but still have my Mom shining through. To have a traditional looking portrait of her, simple but also “tinted” like my Grandmothers.

I love this photo of my Mom and I will treasure it forever. She is a true woman of beauty. She represent kindness and consideration. Hard work and sacrifice. Beauty inside and out. My Mom is a friend but also someone I seek out council from. She guides me but never judges,  wants the best for me but never compares. I hope to someday be a fraction of the mother she was and is to me.

Beautiful Mom.

Lovely Grandma in the 60s.