Gotta LOVE Lightbulb Moments. Lightbulb Moment #1.

As I am reading through the camera manual (yes the WHOLE thing) I am learning a TON. Luckily my knowledge from my photo classes back in high school and college has stayed in my brain, and as I am reading through I am remembering. Aren’t our brains amazing? I’m like, I don’t even remember learning that…but somehow my brain found that file from way back when.

I have a few close friends in my network (aka Facebook) that have reached out to me as I have been learning different techniques and applying them to my photos. So I thought well…if they are contacting me with questions maybe there are more people that want info. And I like to share, so I am going to start these “Lightbulb Segments” for those of you who care. I am totally learning STILL and I mean…will I ever stop? Probably not. I by no means know everything to know about photography that is for sure, but as I am learning I want to a.) share what I’m learning as I go for people who would benefit and 2.) They say you really know something when you teach it…so all the more reason. If you have anything to add, please do.

Lightbulb Moment #1-Blurry Eyes

When taking professional portraits, make sure the eyes are in focus. Simple right? It makes a huuuge difference. WA-LAH the photo tends to all come together.

How do you get the eyes in focus?

A couple things…

1) If you are familiar with AF points on your SLR camera (I have a canon 60D) make sure that one of your AF points is focused on the eyes.

2) Study F-Stop/Aperture to understand how far away or close you should stand. For example if I am using a 50mm lens at an f-stop of 1.8 I will have a shallow depth of field, so I’ll need to know how I can maintain sharpness. I really like this online depth of field calculator.

Here are examples of sharp eyes vs. blurred eyes, and to me there is a big emotional difference between the two. Also with the blurry eyes-it’s almost like my eyes are trying to make them focus and they don’t…I can feel my eyes struggling to make sense of the eyes. Hoped this helped at least one person! Please contact me with any questions.

Sharp eyes: Left. Blurry Eyes: Right.

Sharp eyes:Right. Blurry eyes: Left.

It’s not as easy to tell in the photo on the right but your eye doesn’t struggle for clarity and sharpness.


4 responses

  1. Sometimes it’s really hard to get eyes sharp. I always set my center AF point to be active and try to focus on eyes but somehow they get blured. Probably becouse of long time exposure.

    • Yes, I still get blurry eyes too sometimes. Also try use your body as a tripod to keep the camera really still. Also check the shutter speed that you are shooting in does it keep the shutter open for a long time?


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