Headshots with Meliss.

According to dictionary.com the definition of a prodigy is this: “a child who, by about age 10, performs at the level of a highly trained adult in a particular sphere of activity or knowledge.”

Yes…I sat next to THIS prodigy (you’ll see below) in 7th grade choir and every time I heard her voice it sounded like an angel who came to give me a concert from 1 foot away. This girl became a friend that I sang with, then a friend that I sang and hung out with, THEN a friend that I sang, hung out with, and traveled with… and eventually my best friend! She is constantly performing and auditioning so it was time for her to update her head shots. I felt honored when she asked me to take her photos a couple days after Christmas. Now we are best friends, who sing and travel together while taking professional pictures. I loooove her.

Melissa’s website is www.melissaharding.com and I posted a video of her Patty Laponess like voice at the end of the photos. Trust me you don’t want to miss it!!


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