Thank You World Vision!

Her pretty brown eyes were staring up at me from a sea of cute little faces just waiting to be noticed. I glanced at the close up photo of her face, and I was certain she was the one for me. I knew that in exchange for me not going out to eat twice a month, or not buying a good priced piece of clothing once a month, or not going to dinner and a movie  once a month I could sponsor her. With that money I could provide an education, supplies, and basic needs for her!! How crazy is that??!! In a world where there is a lot of poverty, hate,  loss I found it hard to imagine being able to make one tiny dent in it all.

I am forever grateful to Oletty Munsanje for reminding me and humbling me every month, and especially for reminding me during the holiday season that I don’t need everything. I can probably live without a Michael Kors purse with a matching wallet. (Mom are you reading this!?) JUST KIDDING!! Sometimes I feel a wanting frenzy during Christmas time when people are asking me “what do you want for Christmas”. When I received the already made Christmas card for Oletty from World Vision last month I was able to take a sigh of relief. Thank you for reminding me how much I have.

World Vision is an AMAZING organization that is SO organized and they are really doing a great thing. My favorite part about them is how they don’t just give stuff, they are constantly telling the sponsor children that God loves them, and to so many that alone gives them great comfort and peace. They give me updates on my sponsor child frequently, and they have so many options available for me. I can even hop on a plane to visit her! Maybe someday I’ll be able to meet her face to face to tell her how thankful I am for her.



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