Mariette is 16!?

I met Mariette when she was 9. Now she’s 16. Time flies!! It’s so funny how we think people should just freeze at certain ages. It seems unimaginable that my parents won’t stay at 40, I won’t stay in my 20s, and Mariette isn’t going to be 9 forever! I love her so much and I am so proud of who she has become. I often tell her that I hope my daughter will be like her someday. I truly believe that God put her in my life for a reason-she reminds me of myself at her age and I have learned so much from her! I met Mariette while singing on the worship team at church, I taught her voice lessons for two years, and now we see and talk to each other as much as possible! I love you my student, sister, and friend!

First job!

Someday these keys will be hers!



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