My Car

My car broke down. Add some spark plugs and we’re good to go. I’m sitting in the car waiting for Adam and feeling content because I know that success is ahead and I am assured because I know where I am going.

I will not get tired, even when I am set back from where I am heading.


Metallic Pine Cones!!!

My friend Danielle is an inspiring girl. She had this revelation that she can do anything. Make candy, why not? Cook a meal that takes 8 hours to make, what the heck? Speak in front of top executives, easy. This unveiling of truth is contagious. And really if you think about it, what’s the worst that can happen? You fail? Hm…Danielle decided she wanted to make metallic pine cones. And when she asked me if I wanted to with her, I had to say…YAH!!!! In Pacific Grove, our backyards (the town and surrounding towns) are full of pine cones. So why not? It was so fun and now my house is full of pretty, shiny pine cones.


I met a Real Horse Whisperer

Me: “wooooo hooooooo, I can’t breath Lynn……”  Lynn: “Duck!! left hand up, dodge that branch!! Another one on the right!!!” That’s us going on a horse ride of my lifetime. For those of you who ride horses I know that must seem pretty lame but when I went out to go take pictures of Lynn I had no idea I was going to be in for a galloping horse adventure in the beautiful Castro Valley Trails.

Lynn has been telling me about her horse Shahrazad for a while, and I finally got the opportunity to go to meet her. Lynn is soo good with her, it was really amazing to see. Lynn used to own a successful Chiropractic Practice in Pleasanton, CA and is now a mentor for fellow chiropractors looking to start the practice that they desire to have. Her website is


Dinner Club

You know how when we were little we created these clubs with our friends, and we felt really really cool? Well I guess it never gets old to want to be a part of a club, something special, something exclusive.  Danielle, a really good friend of mine, decided to start this club. We have had two dinner club nights since she first came up with the idea and they have been amazing! Not only have we grown closer through these dinners, I am learning all of these life lessons. Adam would probably tell me I’m about to get really philosophical right now but…oh well. I have learned that you can do anything you set your mind to. Just accept the challenge, get through the distractions and set-backs, and go for it 100%. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I didn’t think I would learn to cook good until I was a Mom or a Grandma! Here is a recap of our first night-the menue: Greek food!! Yuuuummmmm.