My Husband-A Poem.

I wanted to write a really meaningful and heartsy (I made that word up I think) poem about Adam, but I decided to stick with corny and simple :-)

My Husband

My husband is cute my husband is hott

He does the things that many husbands do not.

He loves and cares for me with all that he has

With me he sings, cooks, loves me, and all that jazz.

Without him, I do not want to think of where I’d be

I wouldn’t be myself, I wouldn’t be me.

For he makes me a better person, he makes me see

That there is no other for me, only HE.

In all seriousness my husband is amazing. I love him so SO much and I want to tell the world that-if you don’t mind. I thank God for him everyday. I created a recap of a photo shoot I did of him doing one of his favorite hobbies.


2 responses

  1. That’s a nice poem. Hesa italian man yes?
    I would like uh very much a uh photoshoot by you and de christy. Come to uh seattle yea?


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